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Ship's run was 364 mls.

Tuesday 8 February 1916.

A fine day in general, tho' we ran into 2 or 3 rail squalls. When we woke land was in sight on the starboard (right) side & proved to be the island of Socotra. It was not very clearly visible, but appeared to be rather level country with a steep line of cliffs in our direction.

By the time the sun was up we were nearly past the island. However we had a magnificent view of the 3 islands lying to the N of Socotra, know[n] as "The Brothers". The first 2 were very similar in outline & showed clearly why they get the name. the 3rd was much larger & very different.

After breakfast I went on to parade but was sent for to help mark the essays on "Life on a Troopship" handed in by the men. It meant staying off parade & gave a good opportunity of seeing the islands as we passed them. I have tried to sketch the outlines. They were all very rough & rugged & without any sign of life on them. In one case the bold outcrop of stratified rocks, the bedding of which could clearly be seen with the glasses, was striking. The sea-face was deeply scarred by numerous valleys giving the impression that rain, & heavy at that, must be frequent.
As we passed 2 squalls passed over the islands & came out to meet us.

By midday we were clear of the islands, & about 3 o'clock Cape Gardafui[?] showed

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