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broke into the line of cocoanuts. Away beyond in the far distance (70 mls away I believe) was a very rugged range of mountains in which the outstanding feature was Adam's Peak, somewhat dome-shaped but coming to a sharp peak. During the day the peak can not be seen: only when the light is behind it is it visible from Colombo.

On the shore opposite this point was a large workshop, an extensive engineering place: its red roof contrasted against the graceful cocoanuts behind & around it. It was situated just outside the breakwater which is different to the other two already noted, [small sketch of Colombo Bay & harbour breakwaters] two walls jutting out from opposite shores with a smaller wall between them. It seemed to me that one channel was for entrance & the other for exit. Inside the breakwater were quite a large number of vessels moored to buoys in several rows: the shipping gave the impression that Colombo was a very busy port.

Further round to the right was the town (or city?) in which one or two spires stood out plainly, & beyond it the low-lying land faded away to the S cape of the bay which is very much nearer the city than the N cape.

To all this must be added the beautiful sunrise with its exquisite colouring, the variously tinted clouds standing out against the opalescent sky. It was not a

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