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that the pipes may be readily put together, or removed at anytime.

The cost of the materials above specified, including delivery in London would be Ninety Five pounds £95. 0. 0. Terms, Nett cash on delivery.

If the pipes in the 3 Houses are 5" instead of 4" (the mains remaining the same) The cost would be £109. 0. 0 

The cost of screw stop valves for the return pipes would be £9.12. 0 extra, but as there would be no circulation in the pipes when the top valve is closed, these would scarcely be necessary.

Boulton & Paul 

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Dimensions of present Furnace door & the core at C Plate throat 15½ inches wide 16½ inches high in centre the door being a little smaller & arched at top. The throat extending 15 inches in length lined with wrought iron 3/8 plates to prevent abrasion.

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