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In Engine House

A small box containing duplicates, - Pressure guage, whistle, starting lever, safety value lever - and 2 Keys. (one being for the fly wheel, and the other for the pulley on crank shaft of Engine) - also 2 steeple guides, governors, suction and waste water pipes, Water funnel, Small oil Tin, Spanners, and Instructions for working Engine - Keys of Engine house are tied to the mounting head inside the wood case at the top of Engine house.

In Fire box

A lifting Jack, Stoking Irons, Tube brush, large oil can, chimney crutch, & shutters for guides ox steeple.

In Case No11

3  12 feet lengths of 2½ inch Shafting turned up.

In Case No 12

3 Hanging carriages and brasses, 1 wall box, and 1 carriage with brasses, 2 5/8 x 3 bolts and nuts, and 6 14in x ¾ " do.   do.   A No 2 Saw Table. 1 parallel fence, striking geer, 2 small pulleys, 1 saw spindle, 2 prs of couplings complete, - 1. 24 inch pulley, and 1. 20 inch do. and case containing Saws and files.

In Case No 13

3. 20 inch Pulleys bored out and turned up.

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