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9 Bridge St  Sydney

10th October 1857


The Honorable J. Macarthur  M.L.A.
Camden Park

Dear Sir

Your favor I have pleasure to acknowledge and by the Train leaving here 1.30 P.M. I have forward you a Canvas package containing

2 lbs Soft holders @ 1/6 0.  3. 0  
4  " Tin     " @ 2/6 1.10. 0  
1  " Bill Wire @ 2/6 0.  2. 6 0.15. 6

If the Bill Wire should not be strong enough it can be returned. I had no idea of the use intended and therefore send the above. I have avoided writing you about Gibson. I did give him a trial and have given him up entirely, a drunken good for nothing fellow, and believe him not capable of what he proposed to do. I have had the pleasure to see Mr Hodgson. The Wine will be shipped per "Speedy" have your deliver per Railway at Sydney. May I enquire 250 Bushels Maize @ 9/6 per Bushel. If so, it may be

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