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may be required for the General Concern, to be equally divided; one half to go to my Farther's Credit, the other to the credit of Jas & Wm McA.

6th All expenditure at Camden, arizing from the keeping up the garden & pleasure grounds, the erection of a residence, the care of the deer, hounds, horses for Saddle or Draft, except those required in conducting the general business, Household Expenses, all outlay - in short, relating solely to their personal accommodation, to be placed to the Private Account of Jas & Wm McA.

7th The supplies sent from Camden to Parramatta, to be charged to my Father's account.

8th Returns of the Farm Produce, supplied to both Private Establishments, to be made out monthly, and if the consumption of either exceed that of the other, the excess to be charged at the average Market prices of the Month, as published in the Sydney Herald.

9th Stock Returns, and Abstracts of general Expenditure to be transmitted monthly to my Father, together with Accounts of Sales, Estimates of probable receipts and disbursements, during the following month, and such other communications, relative to the general conduct of affairs, as may be requisite.

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