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"Creeping" (the seed of the last was grown at the New Cellar from a small packet of wheat sent from England by Mr James in 1860, and will I believe from present appearances likely to prove a valuable wheat for growing on low lands). I have reserved a portion of each for seed - ours is by far the best almost the only wheat in the district.

The "Annie Archbell" arrived about a fortnight ago & the two Packages shipped in her have been delivered in good order.

I have tried the Lucerne seed, mangold, and 1 Lot of the turnips, and they prove to be of excellent quality, nearly every seed grew, and that particularly strong.

I am getting the land ready for the mangolds and intend to sow the first opportunity.

There is a prospect of a good crop of Grapes at both Vineyards.

Current Status: 
Ready for review