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Tuxford & Sons,
Enginers, Iron Founders &c
Boston & Skirbeck Iron Works

Oct 23rd 1863

Sir Wm Macarthur
2 Chester Street
Belgrave Square

Sir William

We have the pleasure of handing you estimates in accordance with your request in your last letter; previous to going into the figures permit us to remark that the position of site No 1 in your plans is best adopted for the Engine &c, unless you have very strong reasons for placing them in site 2 or elsewhere.

From site No 1, you so much more conveniently take the power from the Engine to the Shafting in the barn, the Saw bench is convenient to the Carpenter's Shop, and by a little arrangement the Engine can be fixed so as to have a lean to, from the barn wall to cover it.

The Shafting will be driven from the pulley on the fly wheel shaft, also the bone Mill. The Saw Mill will be driven from the Fly Wheel of Engine.

When a Circular Saw Mill or bench is driven direct from a portable Engine, and the Engine is not connected with other machinery, the custom is to stop the Engine when you wish to stop the saws, but when the Engine has also other machinery to drive, you require the Engine to continue running although you have to stop the saws, for this purpose the table requires to be fitted with a fast and loose pulley and striking gear which adds s30/ to the cost of the Table.

Shall you procure your own driving belts in London say Vulcanized Indian rubber ones, or shall we procure them for you.

Waiting your reply

We have the honour to be
Yours very respectfully 

Tuxford & Sons


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