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Australasian Colonial and General Life Assurance
and Annuity Office,
541 George Street, Sydney.

6th July 1853


I am directed by Board of Trustees to inform you that they have accepted the proposal contained in your letter of 27th Ult for a Loan of £10,000 in Security of the whole of your Estate of Camden consisting of 28 350 Acres of Land according to the new Survey of the Property, chargeable with the Settlement of £10,000 to Mrs Macarthur and £3,000 to Mr & Mrs Parker, as well as on all unicumbered Lands including unsold portions of the Township of Camden and the proposed Village of Riversford, for 3 Years only, at the annual Interest of 5 per cent payable half yearly - subject to the Report and Approval of the Securities by the Solicitor and the Lodgment of the Deeds with the Trustees.

I have the honor to be
Your most obt Servt 
R. Styles

Messrs James & Willm Macarthur
231 Elizabeth Street

[Written on side]

Trust Units to be redeemed

Current Status: 
Ready for review