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[Date in pencil 8.5.32]


1st Accounts, connected with the general Concern, to be balanced to the 30th Ulto

2nd From that date a new Set of Books to be opened at Camden.

3rd The Establishments at Camden, and in Argyle, to constitute the General Concern. The Establishment at Parramatta, & the property at Sydney to be distinct.

4th The general concern to provide for -

  • Wages & Maintenance of Servants requisite to conduct the general business
  • Implements, Materials, & Stores, for                      Do                     Do​​​​​​
  • Quit Rents &c,
  • Horses, & Working Cattle                                       Do                     Do
  • Fodder, & Maintenance of                                      Do                     Do
  • Travelling Expenses & other disbursements incidental to               Do

All Postage of Letters, & Turnpike Tolls.


Annual allowances to my Mother, & Sisters, to Edward, to Mrs Bond, to Mrs Thompson, and establishment of Frederic Thompson.

5th Whatever net Balance may remain from the sale of Wool, Live Stock, or the surplus of other Farm Produce, over & above what may

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