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Per Bombay & O'Land 

George & Jameson St
16 October 1862

Sir Wm Macarthur

Dear Sir
By this opportunity I have the pleasure to advise you of the shipment of 2 Cases contg Plants received from "Camden Park" shipped to you on board the "Trans Atlantic" at London to Per B/Lading enclosed herewith. This ship will sail about the 20 Instant. The Cases are marked WMcA and are stowed about the after part of the Main Mast between decks.

On the other side are the particulars of charges for your guidance attending to transport of Cases to the Ship at Sydney.

Allow me to remind you if it has not been already done of the overcharge of Freight on board the "Resolute" from London of 2 Cases of Plants shipped there by S. R. Selebard to you

Current Status: 
Ready for review