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In reply to your proposal to surrender a portion of the allotments purchased by you in Camden Village & that the amount of Deposit paid in the allotments so surrendered shall be considered as defraying the second Instalment (which fell due on the 23rd July 1842 & has not yet been paid) on the allotments you [indecipherable] to retain, we beg to say that we are willing to accede to such an arrangement & to allow you to retain Lot 1 Section 1 - & Lot 4 Section 3 on your surrendering to us lot 13 Section 2 & lots 5, 6 & 7 Section 3. This appears to us to be an equitable adjustment & would you accede to it you will perhaps be good enough to write to us saying surrendering any claim to the lots we transfer to [indecipherable] on receipt of which we will give receipt for the 

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