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We have been unable to dispose of the Bottled Wine, so that much to our regret, we shall, after all, have to follow your orders, and give it away. The charges for rent &c, accruing since 31st December last, will go to out Acct - thus finally closing this long outstanding consignment, as far as you are concerned; and we are very sorry that the result should have turned out so unsatisfactory.

Since the "Woolloomooloo" left - a Case of Wearing Apparel from Mr E. Taplin of Duke St, Manchester Square, has been sent to us. It is addressed to Miss Macarthur, and we shall forward it to you in the "Canaan" - to sail the 1st May.

We remain
Dear Sirs,
Very faithfully Yours,

Donaldson Lambert & Co.
pr Edw. Lincoln

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