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and your desire to give Messrs Peate & Co the preference. In obtaining about the price likely to be got. I found, that 1/6 a 1/9 might be had if the Butter was sound & sweet.

I am not pledged to any one, its quite free & open still. Betteridge & Haydon was the parties. When the Butter comes down I will see Smith & Peate and they may advance from there price to something like the above. I do think if there is any preference you would give it to them if they give the best price. At all events you may be assured that I will do the best for your Interest.

The a/c from "Bells Life" I will settle. I will also attend to the Wine Advt (at"Sydney") when next inserted. The Sydney price current must be an ommission a neglect this I will also see to. I have not done anything yet about the Stove.

I hope you have not suffered in your locality from this fearful flood. Nothing of a serious nature happened about Sydney, but I hear some parts of the country have been seriously effected.

I remain
Yours faithfully

R. Hutchinson.

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