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[in pencil] Copy of letter to Ralph Hutchinson 27. 9. 58.

[in ink]

27th Septr 1858

Write to Mr Hutchinson acknowledging accounts for six months ending with sales of wine to 30th June & addressing amount of purchases to 31st August Bal to Credit if J & W is £625. 2. 2 which he is requested to pay into Bank or as much as he can do conveniently - Also pointing out that we sustain a loss on sales of Bottled Wine in the present principles of equal partition of the amount vizt in Sales from 1st January to 30th June last.

White Wine 228 glns £63.19. 0 or 5% 7¼ per gn
Red Wine 166 glns   62.11. 0 or 7/6½
Muscat 84 glns   50. 2. 6 or 11/11


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