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my unit but shall go with Capt Walsh to Ribemont, until the reforming of the mule train. That will do me, as I have no wish to return to the Pioneers. – Heavy shelling all night.
6th Clear but very cold. Balance of Div troops return to their units today. Gee! but a man does feel lonely when all his mates are gone. I shall go to-morrow morning. "Fritz" is giving us a parting shot or should I say shells. Our batteries are giving some too.
7th Cold & misty. Fritz sent over a few shells about 10 am. 2 pm left for Albert arriving at 6 pm. Very cold all night. We could still hear the guns going strong.
8th Cold & wet. Nothing doing.
9th 10 am. Fritz wont even leave us alone here. He is now shelling the town? (What is left of it) Raining heavily.
10th Quiet. Raining hard. Cold.
11th Quiet. Slight drizzle of rain.
12th Very cold. Snow is falling thickly.

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