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limbers conveyed the battalion to their work. (I have been told that General Cox reprimanded Colonel Furtrell for bringing the men out to do unnecessary work on such a day.) The time for moving off was fixed for 12.30 pm but at the last minute all loads had to be taken off & dumped in the rain while the wagons went to bring the battalion back. (This is the only battalion who are carried to their work & I think that on such a day & as we are shifting camp they could have walked. Besides it would have been better for them instead of sitting shivering in the wagons.) That completely stopped everything & we had to hang about in the rain & cold till 4.30 pm until we could leave for the new camp. However we arrived at Miemne Camp about 6 pm (one mile from the old camp), and found to our dismay the huts leaking & water pouring in. Everything was muck & slush. Luckily the rain cleared off & and we were able to sleep in the huts. Oh! This is a beautiful battalion to belong to. If men in Australia knew what they would have to put up with "on active service" and behind the line (we are 4 miles behind supposed to be making

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