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16th Dull with light showers of rain. At 2 pm we were inspected by General Cox G.O.C. 4th Aust Division. He spoke principally on the behaviour of this particular battalion, which he considered disgraceful. He appealed to the better nature of the men to assert itself stating that a few "black sheep" would bring disgrace upon any battalion. His speech was short & terse and half an hour after his arrival, he took the salute and returned to the parade ground to speak to the prisoners, who were brought up for inspection under a strong guard. Several prisoners were tied to the wheels of our wagons and were to be treated likewise until their term of punishment is completed.
I used to feel sorry for men placed in such a predicament but these men deserve absolutely no sympathy. Blaguardism reigns supreme among the battalion, though in fairness to the decent men I will say that there are some fine fellows who, – through being in the battalion – are labelled the same as the majority.

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