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minutes previous. However everything was quiet so I put horses away before donning my helmet.
7th Raining. Left transport billet about 11 am for Bac St Maur where we arrived at about 3.30 pm. We could have done it in less but had to go in a roundabout way on account of German Observation Posts. (balloons). The farm where we are now billeted is much nearer the "line", but the accommodation for the troops is much inferior to our last billet. No one knows how long we shall stay in this place but I don't think it will be long.
9th Cool. Fine weather. Huns send shrapnel over to find the batteries which are nearby. Shells are bursting very close to our billet. At 1 pm 4 wagons were sent to R E Dump to load revetting frames and when this was done we proceeded to a sheltered spot where we parked up. At 9 pm we left the billet and hooking into the wagons we proceeded to different points of the line where we unloaded and returned to the billet.
10th Cool. Fine. We leave here tomorrow for Strazeele. About 12 (mid.) I was awakened and told to take charge of a convoy of ammunition to be delivered to

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