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"I wish to place particularly on record the admirable work done by all ranks of the 4th Aus. Div Pack Transport Troop without which no arrangements however careful could be successful." It is my firm opinion that Capt Walsh will be the recipient of a M.C. or D.S.O. after the next stunt.
4th Cold & misty. The first division are now returning to relieve us. Gee! How thankful I am. 3rd Brigade marched in today.
Fritz left us alone all day and about 8 pm our artillery opened out in a terrific "strafe" which lasted 'til the early hours of the morning.
5th Cold & wet. During the day it hailed. The ground is fast becoming slushy once more. It is hell!! And I shall be glad to get out. The P.T.T. are now smashing up 12th & 13th Bde men returning to their respective units. We are now finished our convoy duty as the whole of the division will be out by 10 am to-morrow. The Divisional Troops (Pioneers Engineers etc) will return to-morrow. I don't think I shall return to

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