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27th Detraining was very slow and it was long after midnight before we moved off. Gee! it was cold. My boots were wet through and I found it hard to realize I had any feet at all. It was pitch dark and how the wagons got along without mishap is a wonder to me. A stiff head wind was blowing and very soon I was practically frozen from my thighs to the tip of my toes. About 3.30 am we reached our camping ground (a quagmire) there consternation reigned. Hell! What a babel of voices and no one knew what the shouting was for!
After a lot more fooling about in the boggy ground and bitter cold a horse line was put down and all animals made fast.
Bill Cahill "Deak" & I beat it for the nearest barn into which we dived and throwing down our blankets turned in for a well earned rest. It was an hour before the blood circulated through my frozen legs then I fell asleep.
26th Raining hard. Nothing doing. Rested.
29th Battalion football match. Rehearsal at 7.30 pm by "The Pozieres Pushoff Privats". Ding dong high!

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