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[Page 84]

Shells are dropping continually within the precincts of the camp. Fritz is going for the railway line but up to date has not been successful.
Many rumours are being circulated as to Germany's peace overtures. Some say there is a Peace Conference going on at present in England. Gee! how I wish it is true.
22nd Very cold. A very heavy mist enshrouds the land, in fact it is impossible to see further than a radius of 5 yds. About 12 noon the sun came out and the mist lifted. Everything is the same as yesterday. Mud & slush is still in plenty much to the chagrin of the boys who curse France for having more than her share of rain.
The 1st & 5th Div are now returning for a "Second helping of Fritz". – There is a rumour in camp that we (the 4th Div) are to do another three weeks. I hope it is not true for the wet & cold has just about knocked me up. 8pm a heavy "Strafe" is now taking place. Our batteries are sending some "iron rations" to Fritz gratis. Very cold but clear. I wish it would freeze so as to harden the ground.

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