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proceeded on our way to Lemnos where we arrived about noon.
6th Embarked on trawler for Anzac ferry "Princess Ena". Will spend the night board and proceed to Anzac tomorrow at 4 pm.
7th Left for Anzac at 2pm. As soon as we got outside Mudros Bay, we ran into heavy rain & rough seas. Arrived at Anzac at 8 pm but were ordered back to Lemnos as it was impossible to land on account of the heavy seas running.
8th Arrived back in Mudros Bay at 8 am after steaming steadily all night.
9th Still in Mudros Bay. Bitterly cold
10th Sea calm but weather still cold. No further move yet.
11th At last we move again! Left Mudros Bay at 4 pm. Sea calm. Arrived at 'Anzac' at 9.45 pm, but owing to same hitch could not land till about 2 am on 12th. It is very cold but constant running about keeps us warm.

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