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for "Williams Pier" where we embarked on a lighter. Gee whiz! We were packed like sardines and if a submarine happened along it would have been the end of us. After an hours cruising we eventually came alongside the "Princess Ena" on to which we transhipped. This boat was built to carry 600 passengers from Dover to Calais, but when we got aboard it was literally packed having no less than 2,500 aboard. On the morning of the 17th we entered Mudros Bay. Gee Whiz! It was cold. About 9.30 am we transhipped to a small ferry the "Waterwitch" which took us to Turks Head where we landed and proceeded to Sarpi West a distance of about three miles. Here we pitched our tents and were duly too glad to roll into bed.
18th Took a stroll around the island and visited the R.C. church. It was certainly beautiful, though the architecture

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