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30th Still in hospital. Two shells [indecipherable] from the Goeben burst near the ship today. Villages still blazing and at night combined with the bursting of our shells it presents a most wondrous spectacle.
May 1st Still in hospital. "Queen Lizzie" sends a few "pills" ashore. 2.30pm ASC go ashore to carry out mule transport work. I am stiff enough to be in hospital so of course am excluded. 4pm Shells from shore force us to move further out. 9pm Zion Mule Corps come aboard to take the place of men who went ashore. They will assist our men to look after horses.
May 2nd Medical stores come on board from "SS Hindoo" 6 pm. Seaplane rises for observation purposes. 7 pm Rifle & shell fire start again. 8 pm Fire terrific.
3rd May Beautiful day. 8 am Seaplane rises for observation purposes, and at 11 am

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