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it was. Practically speaking there is no harbour merely a bight with an island (well fortified) in the centre. On either side of the entranc, the hills are bristling with guns. All the surrounding country is green and factories are dotted all over the place.
10th Came alongside wharf at 6.30 am and all horses & baggage was on the wharf by 10.30 am. About 7 pm Arthur Foster & self went for a stroll around the town. It is a great place but how poverty stricken everyone seems!! Every second man is a soldier and black is the fashion for the majority of women. However all seem pleased to see the Australians and smiling faces are seen wherever one looks. – Everything is doubly expensive in comparison with the prices in Egypt which were dear enough. We had supper after which we went to a Music Hall "The Kursaal" where we spent an enjoyable evening arriving back

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