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22nd Beautiful day. Harness cleaning all day. About 7 pm Fritz sent over about 8 high explosives which dropped in a field nearby tearing up the ground and sending men & horses scattering in all directions. All night long he kept it up firing in about ten minute intervals.
23rd (My birthday) Warm. Nothing doing except ordinary daily routine. Heavy bombardment at night. Raining.
24th Dull. A & B Coys with transport leave for Avoca Gully (near La Boiselle). Roads were good & we reached the gully without mishap. Fritz was very quiet tho' our batteries were pouring a hail of shell into him. Unhitched & after having a cup of tea returned to transport camp at Senlis arriving about 6 pm.
25th Dull & wet. Nothing doing all day. Balance of waggons packed ready for moving off to-morrow.
26th Raining. Hitches as usual and tho' everyone was ready to move off at 9 am we did not get away 'til 10.45 am. Trekking was very slow and we did not arrive at the new transport camp (alongside old one on road to Amiens) 'til about 3 pm. Rained all night. Our heavy batteries going strong.
27th Still raining. Very quiet. Out at trenches. Rumours a big bombardment starting tonight. 10 pm. Heavy

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