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30th A thunderbolt awaited us this morning. Twenty-three men were detailed (myself included) to report to the 4th Div. Mule Transport Column. This was done on time and we arrived at Cocquerel where we joined up. It is raining hard.
31st Raining hard. Rode to Pioneer Battalion and received mail. Preparations for a move.
Nov 1st All mules & horses were saddled & packed & the column moved off at 10.15 am. All men were walking and it was very hard for the men who had never marched previous to this. At 1 pm we reached L'Etoile where we halted for dinner moving off again at 2 pm. Gee how tired I was. Capt Walsh, who was leading the column was accustomed to leading mounted men and omitted to give us the spells allowed for men walking. Consequently when we reached Vignacourt at 6 pm we were all "dead beat". We had walked 20 kilos in 7 hours.
2nd Very tired & stiff. Raining. Nothing to note.
3rd Rain cleared off. We are to be inspected by Gen Cox to-morrow afternoon at 3 pm.
Inspection postponed as Gen Cox was indisposed.

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