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air-craft guns blazed away at them but failed to hit them on account of the great height at which they were flying. Shell cases were falling fairly thick in and about our camp. Shrapnel pellets were also falling several men being wounded.
25th Fine. Quiet except for occasional outbursts of fire by our guns. Trip to Dickebusch with troops.
26th Fine. Out to trenches with men. Snipers and machine guns at work. Guns quiet. Aeroplane duel resulting in the destruction of a Fokker. Some sight.
27th Fine. Out at trenches. Artilery active. Also snipers & machine guns.

28th Fine. Out at trenches. Dead quiet. The 12 inch gun which is 50 yds from my bungalow fired 5 rounds this afternoon shaking the ground for a radius of about 400 yds. The din was terrific and the burst of flame was about 9 ft long. Certainly some souvenir for Fritz.

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