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17th Dull & wet. No further move yet though it is expected we shall move sometime tomorrow.
18th Raining all day. Order to move cancelled. Mail from Australia.
19th Beautiful day. Nothing to note.
20th Another beautiful day. Colonel [indecipherable] releases all prisoners and forms a platoon of them.
21st Payday. Nothing to do all day. About 15 men paraded to the Colonel for a transfer to the ASC their reason being that the Pioneers had a very bad reputation. He however asked them to stay as they were the sort of men who would help him to build up the battalion. At 9 pm I was warned to be ready to move off at 7.30 am to-morrow with "B" Coy.
22nd At 7.30 am sharp two G.S. wagons & a Cook Kitchen moved out of the park and awaited the arrival of the 13th Engineers. Meanwhile the Colonel came around & spoke the men of B Coy who were waiting for the motor buses to take them to the trenches. He told them how they had been selected to be attached to the 1st Div during

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