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us at Valence but we stayed for about 15 minutes only and were off once again at a rattling pace. Gee! but it was glorious. Every time we passed through a town or village, the inhabitants rushed out cheering & waving flags etc to us. This was quite a different reception to what we received on landing in Egypt.
About 4.15 pm we slowed down to enter the town of Lyon. It certainly is some town. We had already crossed the Rhone several times but this time went over the best & most substantial bridge during the whole journey. Before entering the town the train stopped for about 15 minutes. Here a huge crowd congregated including many children. The lads in our truck "started the ball rolling" by throwing pennies down and in a couple of minutes money was being thrown from all the trucks in the train. When their money was exausted, the lads commenced

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