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has come through. About 9.30 am Fritz commenced sending a few shells across several of which exploded nearby in the trees. One however burst on the roof of our billet sending a hail of slate and pieces of shell for hundreds of yards. Luckily no one was hurt.
About 4 pm I "paid a visit" to where the German prisoners (captured last night & early this morning) were being kept. There were some big fellows among them, likewise some very small fellows. They all looked well with the exception of three, who were wounded. All were equipped with tobacco and cigarettes which was taken from them and distributed among the "onlookers". There were two officers among them, one of whom (he had an Iron cross) spoke in a don't care way to our officers, in fact they seemed glad they were captured. All day & night our artillery kept up a continual bombardment.
24th Dull & cool. "Fritz" sends over a few shells which explode very close to our billet. About 10 am he sent a few more

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