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which burst near la Basilique (the Cathedral of Notre Dame). The tower of this church is battered beyond recognition, with the statue of the Virgin Mary hanging a right angles. It is one of the many churches that have been torn to pieces by "les Allemands".
At 2 pm we "hooked in" and left for the Transport Camp about 1 kilo away from Albert, as the shells were falling too close to the horses. The 5th Bde went into the trenches about 7.30 pm and about 8 pm our artillery opened out in a terrific bombardment of the German lines. Gee! The din was terrific and it's a wonder to me how anyone could live through such a hail of shells. The whole valley seemed one burst of flame. Wounded were coming in all night but all were cheerful.
25th Dull. Very quiet 'till about 10 am when Fritz opened up with shrapnel some of which fell near our lines but did no material damage. The D.A.C. were carting shrapnel & high explosive to our guns all day. It looks as though "Fritz" is in for a lively time to-night

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