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14th Horses disembarked. Left for [indecipherable] at 9.30 am and arrived at 2.30 pm.
June 3rd Admitted to Abbassia Cottage Hospital (No 15 General) suffering with relapse of fever & bad eyes.
June 30th Discharged from hospital.
Sept 22nd (2.45 am) On a scouting expedition to Meyiout (80 Kilo's from [indecipherable].) Rather exciting. Splendid time returning to camp at 9.40 am on 23rd .
October 24th Embarked on H.M.T. "Alnwick Castle" for Anzac. Certainly same "beano."
Oct. 30. Left Alexandria Harbour at 5 pm
Nov. 1st Run into heavy weather. Sea very rough. Ship tossing like an egg shell.
Nov. 4th Wind abated but sea still fairly rough. About 9.30 am a floating mine was sighted. We hove to and though there were nearly 500 rounds of ball cartridge fired into it – it failed to explode. So we left it for the mine sweeper which had been sent for as soon as the mine was spotted, and

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