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the 13th Bde & Canadians. About 2pm an order was given for every man within a radius of 4 miles of Pozieres to "stand to" ready to proceed to the trenches. Just after that order had been promulgated a terrific bombardment was opened up on the left flank, in the direction of Thiepval. It lasted for about three quarters of an hour and ceased suddenly as it had started.
4th Dull. Reveille was at 4 am and after having breakfast started for Avoca Gully to load up the Companys' goods etc. About 8 am it started raining and the roads soon became mucky & slippery. All trains had to be double banked & in one case there were 10 mules on one wagon. At 10 am "Fritzs" sent over about 12 high explosive shells, all of which fell on the road over which we had to pass with the wagons. Perhaps the slippery roads saved us, for if the roads had been good, we would certainly have run into the shells. Eventually we reached the hard road and were soon on our way to Vadencourt, where we arrived about 5 pm. Parked up & camped for the night. Up to now our ultimate destination is unknown.
5th Rained heavily all night but has cleared off

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