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ambulance wagons were streaming towards the dressing stations filled with wounded. More German prisoners brought in to-day.
26th 1st Aus Division were relieved to-day, and Gee how tired & bedraggled they were!! They had had four days heavy fighting and were glad to get a spell. They had succeeded in the task they overtook & captured the village of Poizieres. But at what a cost? All day "Fritz" sent over shrapnel & high explosive, to which our guns replied. About 7.30 pm the 2nd Aus Div marched into the trenches. Heavy bombardment all night by our guns.
27th Great weather. Ambulances bring in more wounded most of which belong to the 5th Bde – went up to the trenches about 1 pm. Dead were lying all over the place and the stench was awful. Germans were intermixed with our own lads and some were literally blown to pieces. Shrapnel & lyddyte was bursting over our support trenches and bullets were flying all over the places – Gee whiz! the dugouts of the Germans were nothing short

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