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with warships & submarines. The latest addition to the British Navy – the "Queen Elizabeth" is also here.
14th Clear & cold. SS Nizam came alongside about 10 am and took a million rounds of ammunition & some bridging material on board. Pay Day. Bully & biscuits start tomorrow. Tobacco & cigarettes are unobtainable on board & the Greek cigarettes are awful.
15th Beautiful morning. SS "Nizam" moved from alongside at 6.30 am. A copy of General Sir Wm Birdwood's speech was handed to the Officers Commanding units on board which was as follows:-
"Officers & men in conjunction with the Navy we are about to undertake one of the most difficult tasks any soldier can be called upon to perform and a problem which has puzzled many soldiers for years past. That we will succeed I have no doubt, simply because I know your full determination

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