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of elaborate. – They are fully 30 ft underground, with subterranean passages connecting into others. Beds with wire mattresses were arranged ship fashion and the walls were decorated with pictures & photos. Evidently they intended to make a prolonged stay but our lads disturbed the harmony. All night our artillery kept up a heavy bombardment the roar being deafening.
28th Beautiful morning. Remainder of transport arrive about 6 am. About 7 pm our artillery commenced a bombardment, which gradually grew until the whole of the surrounding country was converted into a ball of fire. The din & noise surpassed any I have yet heard. To attempt to describe the action would be a fallacy, and I am sure it would take more than an ordinary descriptive writer to do so. It was tremendous. I lay awake until about 3 am listening to the roar and watching the bursts of the shells & flares.
29th Ordered to leave the transport at 7 am. This was done on time and by 8 am we reached our 2nd Camp, which is situated on the road to Amiens (AMIENS).

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