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October 21 During the last week it has rained intermittently, at the same time being very cold. Frost has fallen this last two nights this morning being the heaviest, the fields about us were covered in a mantle of frost which looked beautiful but Gee! how cold it was. Trip to trenches! Mail in (5) (1)
Oct 22nd Once again the ground was white with frost and the air cut like a knife. We are now making preparations to move off. Wagons go to their respective companies to-day to be loaded & ready to leave early to-morrow morning – no one seems to know where we are going, tho' many are the conjectures!! Our Steel & Gas Helmets are being handed in, as are our trench boots. Some say its Salonika others Mesopotamia – I wonder which is correct?
23rd The usual jumble of affairs that always precedes a departure. About 10 am we moved off arriving outside Abeele at about 1 pm where we had lunch. About 2 pm I was sent to Whippenhoek Siding to take delivery of a water cart. After making numerous enquiries, we eventually arrived at our destination and were soon on our way "home".
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