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23rd Cold & damp. There was some excitement in camp today – about 9 am "Fritz" sent over two high explosive 8.2 shells. These were, practically speaking, range finders. His Taubes were up and they directed his fire – object – our camp. Then the shells "rucked in" bales of hay & sleepers were sent soaring in the air. Two men were blown through the air for about 50 yds – one landing on top of the cookhouse. Poor chap he was literally blown to pieces. Huge pieces of metal were flying through the air, many men being wounded thereby. Several men were evacuated to hospital with shell shock. One did not know in which direction to go to escape, one wagon was blown into a hole tho' strange to say neither horses nor driver were hurt. In all the shelling lasted for an hour and a half the casualties being 4 killed & 7 wounded. Comparatively small considering number of shells

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