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preparations for the winter) they would see the authorities in hell before they came away. Yet they want conscription in Australia!! Hell! What a fallacy?!!
19th Cold slight shower of rain, but about 8 am the sun began to shine making things look better.
First batch of men went on furlough last night. Evidently service does not count as all of them are junior service men. Oh Hell. Im full.
Our artillery was active during the night. In a house nearby is a 12 inch gun, besides there are many guns of smaller calibre, snugly hidden within 5 minutes walk from here. In point of fact the fields are literally speaking "one huge arsenal". Gee! What a find for the 'Fokker & Taube.'
20th Raining hard all day. Everything is miserable. Wagons again go out with men. During the day our guns barked & sent more shells into Fritz's lines. Our aeroplanes were up over Fritzs trenches and though he had over 500 shells fired after him, he was not brought down. It rained heavily all night but that did not prevent an artillery duel which lasted over an hour.

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