Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 44

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None of us have been paid since 26.5.16 and today were presented with the enormous sum of 5 Francs (3/6).
21st Another beautiful jumble of affairs. We were supposed to be ready to move off at 8 am and though we were ready long before 8 am the battalion wasn't. All our wagons had over their correct load, yet baggage & stores were being sent to every wagon. The drivers protested and said that they were already overloaded, but were told by the officers to do as they were told. They then sat back in their seats and let the infantry put what they like on, saying they would take no responsibility for anything over 30 cwt. I had over 4 ton on my wagon, and it didn't matter what fell off I did not stop to pick it up. About 1 pm we stopped for dinner, but it could not be compared with the meals we had when we were on the track by ourselves. After lunch we got on the move again and at 6 pm

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