Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 86

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[Page 86]

24th Cold & misty. "Fritz" sent over a few shells which went over the camp but doing no damage. Gen Cox said to-day that we had another 14 days to do in the line. Gee! I wish it would soon end. I have chilblains on my feet which are giving me particular Hell! Besides the ordinary itching I find it a difficult matter to walk. It's Hell!! Besides this "pleasant" complaint I am (as all the men in the line are) "chatty" or in other words "lousy". Water is at a premium and if we have a wash once in three day, we are lucky. Gee! how I shall welcome the hot bath and clean change of clothes when we get out of the line – that is of course if I am as lucky in the next fourteen days as I have been up to date.
The Australian mail closes on the 27th but how in the name of hell am I to get any letters away? Received a letter from A.M. Alexandria Egypt.

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