Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 81

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8th We move to-day. Of course it is raining. Moved off at about 10 pm arriving at Villers- Bocage at 12.15 pm where we halted for dinner. At 2 pm we were on the move again arriving about 5 pm at Behencourt where we stayed for the night.
9th fine day. Moved off at about 9.30 am and after passing through the village of Franvillers & Heilly arrived at Ribemont at 12 noon. Here we put up horse-lines then adjourned to the Moulin De Ribemont (Mill of Ribemont) which is situated on the banks of the Ancre.
10th Fine day but there is still plenty of mud about. German prisoners are at work cleaning the streets.
Gen Cox inspected the troop at 3 pm. Terrific bombardment all night.
14th Left camp at 8 am. The roads were congested with troops moving in both directions as we neared the line the roads became very bad & in some instances we were knee deep in mud. Met Ernie Kirkpatrick, C. Noblet, R Masterson and many other chaps I have not seen for years.

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