Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 51

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was cold and our slow progress made it all the colder. But it is always the same when following a battalion. About 6 am on the 14th inst we reached our destination, it taking 6 hours to travel 16.6 Kilos.
Even now I am told that we have come to the wrong place. So in all probability we shall be on the move again very shortly. During the afternoon we were paid the large sum of 20 Francs (14/-). This is the worst crowd I know for pay. Took wagons around to the Billet & reloaded tools etc returning to the yard when completed.
15th July Misty & cool. No move yet. At 4 pm the Colonel called a parade and spoke of the unruly way in which the battalion behaved last night. He stated that they were a disgrace to the Division and that the inhabitants of this little village had already summed them up as "a lot of beastly drunkards." He was right. They are indeed the most motley crowd a man could be associated with. Rejects from other battalions on account of their conduct. I, as well as many others, am ashamed to mention the fact that I am a member of the 4th Pioneer Battalion.

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