Item 02: Cameron Robertson war diary, 21 December 1914-16 December 1916 - Page 47

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that they were nearly hit but I think it was only nervous fancy.
26th Raining all day. Four German observation balloons were brought down by our aeroplanes. It was certainly a great sight to see the balloons all ablaze falling towards the ground.
27th Transport to Moat Farm & Bois Grenier.
28th Slight showers of rain. Transport to "White City". New Zealanders send some gas to Fritz.
29th Fine all day. Transport to B Coys Dump (Reserve Tranches) Bombardment of 60 mile front by Allies. Terrific uproar.
30th Dull with showers of rain. Very quiet.
Sat. July 1st Bombardment by Fritz. One church destroyed and several farmhouses set afire. About 7 pm about 10 aeroplanes ascended and were fired upon for over an hour by Fritz without being hit.
Sunday July 2nd German Tubes up. Transport to Moat Farm. Quiet.
July 3rd Beautiful day. Transport to Moat Farm. About 11.10 pm Fritz started a terrific bombardment of the town of Armentieres.

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