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          Ours are the [makoro?] gliding,
           Deep in the shady pool ;
        For our spear is sure, and the pray [secure?]
           Kanin or the bright gharool.
Our lubras sleep by the bato clear,
That the Amygest's tract hath never been near.
             Ours is the Koolema flowing
                With precious Kirrika stored ;
              For fleet the foot, and keen the eye,
                 That seeks the nukkung's [haard?] ;-
And the glances are bright, and the foot slips are free;
When we dance in the shade of the Karakon tree.
                              ----- ,, ------
Note  Gibber gunya - Cave in the rock - 
          Turruna and Berrambo - War arms
           Wanga - a species of pigeon
           Makoro - Fish
           Amygest - White fellow
           Kanim - Eel
           Gheerol - Mallot 
           Bato - Water
           Kirrika - Honey
           Nukkung - Wild Lea 
           Karrakun = The Oak tree


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