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It is most desirable that some knowledge should be obtained of the grammatical structure of the various languages or dialects investigated, for grammatical forms furnish frequently more sure links of connection than even vocabularies. How far it may be possible, in any particular case, to push grammatical enquiries, must depend, both on the knowledge of English possessed by the Native questioned, and on the acquaintance with the particular dialect possessed by the enquirer ; and no system of rules could well be framed for pursuing such an investigation. It is perhaps sufficient to remark, that absolute accuracy and certainty are of more importance here than in the vocabularies ; that the sentences proposed be simple ; that the same words should appear in as many different combinations as possible ; and that numerous sentences should be obtained embodying the most certainly ascertained words of the vocabulary.

The sun shines.        I saw three kangaroos.
Two birds flew.          It will rain, &c.

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