provisions, y.  results [indecipherable] be of y. most satisfactory kind, [indecipherable] y. features of y. country be wholly developed.
Sturts 2   Exp.  p 248.
We [indecipherable] not have seen fewer natives than 4,000 on y. Murray alone
Sturt 2   Exp. p 270
among other things we found a lot of bark troughs, filled with y. gum of y. Mimosa, (vast quantities of gum made into cakes upon y. ground.    From this it [indecipherable] appear that {cross out} these unfortunate creatures were reduced to the last extremity, [indecipherable] being unable to preserve any other nourishment, now being obliged to collect this         for).     Sturt 1st Exp. p. 118
Y. orange h. hitherto yielded a very profitable [indecipherable] constant return to those who h. attended to its cultivation in

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