Perth Sl Gao  
Head Rock La Koot koot
Oof Toor da Bort Bort
Water Kung pa Kurp Kurp
Fire Ral la  Raal  Raal
Shoulder Moon Go  Moonk Moonk
Toenails Berare Peerr Peerr

[?] of the sound have a peculiar custom, quality . The affix "Gur" [?] words where it is not met within the 5th dialects

Possible pronouns reformed for, [?] fill pronouns, by the office with, as Bal - he, she, and; Baluk his, hers, or its; [beauff ?] now take place within 2nd for songs? So preface p . 11. But it is not only as a pronoun - office rather [?] gives a possible signifier, it has the same forms in comp [?]; any of these lower cases of changes somehow ? with [rung?] pronouns for Orchid [?] 

e.g kala - fire; good-doo, the heart, desire
Kallak - possible fire ; goor-duk - poss the heart
hot - burning desirous of -

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